Our product range covers cold and hot bent, flash butt welded or seamless rolled rings. Furthermore, we offer seamless forged and also flame cut rings. Mechanical processing and additional heat treatment of all common types of material complete our portfolio. Certifications can be provided from all certification bodies in Germany and abroad.

With a diameter of up to 8,000 mm and produced in accordance with national and international rules and regulations, our
portfolio contains:

  • Flanges for wind towers
  • Anchor rings
  • Load distribution plates
  • Yaw brake disks
  • Pitch rings

  • Welding neck flanges
  • Flat face flanges and cast-on flanges
  • Blind flanges
  • Rührwerksflansche
  • Apparatus flanges as per DIN 28030-28038
  • Clamping flanges
  • Plated flanges

  • Sealing rings
  • Autoclave flanges
  • Reinforcing rings
  • Supporting rings
  • Race rings

  • Special flanges as per customer's drawing