Our customers’ requirements in terms of materials and the properties of our products  are ever-more demanding and vary greatly. It is not that they require anything particularly unusual, but nevertheless the conditions for perfect and individual production processes must be created. This is why every year we invest further in our production equipment and in training our staff.

Our quality assurance division ensures the required level of internal control for incoming goods as well as for intermediate and final processes. For these controls, we have devices for non-destructive testing and machines for destructive testing.

  • We have QA members of staff who carry out non-destructive testing in accordance with US, FE, MP or X-ray processe
  • Our in-house testing laboratory is used for mechanical testing
  • Work certificates in accordance with EN 10204
  • Annealing diagrams
  • Comprehensive final documentation

The continuous implementation of all quality features and the quality awareness of our staff are vital to our day-to-day work. Therefore, our in-house quality management process offers the opportunity for critical reflection and for continuous improvement in our performance and services. We are confident that this is where a closed and, above all, economically efficient production chain begins, one that results in the high-quality products made by Siegthaler.